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10 Newbies In The Dictionary: Know The Newly Added Words To Spice Up Your Vocabulary

Every day numerous words make their place in the dictionary. The English Language is evolving with each passing day and hence, the birth of new words. Playing with new terms has been an interesting task for people. Oftentimes, we find ourselves wondering about the origin of these words. Let me get this clear for you -- while some of them are the ones that people dropped into a conversation while others picked them, the others are old words that gained prominence recently because of the changing culture. In this article, we have discussed a few recently added ones.

Have a look at them:



The word permaculture is the first word from the list. Although it is an old word, it has recently become prevalent. It is a portmanteau word, which means a word formed with a combination of two different words. Here, the words ‘permanence’ and ‘agriculture’ are used to form the new word. It refers to the improvement in farming which intends to be self-sustaining and feasible.



Like permaculture, freegan is also a portmanteau word that forms with the words ‘free’ and ‘vegan’. Also known as a “dumpster diver,” a freegan is a person who believes wasting food is wrong when the other human beings of the society are starved. The person rejects consumerism and helps the environment by reducing wastes mainly by using discarded food or other goods. They rely on the food they get for free or are thrown as waste. Therefore, they depend on the supermarket dumpsters.



The word peoplekind became popular after the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau used it in his speech in 2018. He lightheartedly corrected a woman who said “mankind” to “peoplekind” as he thinks this work is more inclusive and explains the society. The word describes the whole of mankind, humankind, humanity, etc.

Sober curious

Here comes another new word that combines with the two most used words in the English Language i.e ‘Sober’ and ‘Curious’. The word sober curious refers to those persons who do not drink at all or drink comparatively less and share their abstinence with rather a pride as a part of their social media personas. For sober curious, Dry January and Sober October make them remain alcohol-free.

Weak sauce

The weak sauce refers to something that has a poor standard or quality. A condition arises when someone is extremely boring or not fun. Therefore, people do not want to hang out with such a person. Anything that is inferior, weak, or inadequate is referred to as a weak sauce.


The word is originally 1940’s service slang, probably that came from obsolete sprag ”lively young man” from an unknown area. Sprog refers to a baby or a young child. The noun form of the word also means a military recruit or a trainee. Moreover, the verb form of the word means having a baby. In Australian slang, the word sprog refers to semen.


Noob is extremely used these days as internet slang, often pejorative. It has become a colloquial term for the new generation. The word refers to a person who is new to an idea, concept, or game without any experience. A person who has recently joined a computer game or any software with no experience is often regarded as a noob. The other meaning of the word means someone who is obsessed with things.


The word swole existed in the English Language from the early 1900s until its new meaning. Earlier it was used as another word for swollen or swelled, which persists today as well.

The verb form of the word is when a part of the body bulges due to infection, allergies, or toxins.

On the other hand, the adjective form of the word is extremely muscular. You call a person “swole” if their muscles are bulging.


Hellacious explains an awful experience that is mainly used to describe traffic, weather, or a period of time. This word perfectly describes the year 2020 (e.g. A hellacious year). It is primarily used in sports while discussing a hellacious hit or punch. The adjective form of the word is bad, overwhelming, etc.



Just like Tigon and Liger, here comes another hybrid animal offspring. A zonkey is basically the hybrid offspring of a donkey and zebra. Moreover, zonkey also refers to a person who has great poker moves or uses languages to show they know the game in a very little time when they zonk away all your money with their poor play.

Hope you had a good time learning these words. Try using them in your conversations!

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